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Meet our children who need to make the journey of hope from Uganda to India as quickly as possible!  Will you prayerfully consider joining us in giving these families HOPE?  They lack all resources to be able to give their child medicine, let alone heart surgery.  Because of our partnership with the hospital in India they can receive surgery for about $10,000 USD including airfare, room and board, and all meals!  We need the money before we send each child and we would love it if these three kiddos could start their HOPE journey in May!  We will keep the amount needed up to date on each profile below.  After making a donation you will be emailed updates about their journey of HOPE!  For any questions please email Niki at or Jeff at!

Meet baby Akram, he is oh so serious with a flair of curiosity!  His little fingers and toes are blue and his heart is needing surgery as soon as possible! So thankful he is accepted in India and preparing to travel. His mama is eager, and so are we!


Little Nicholas has grown so much since we first met him over a year ago. He has remained strong. This boy loves eating and playing catch! He will throw anything you put in his hands!! The most precious part of spending time with Nicholas and his mama is the way he looks into her eyes. They have passports and are ready to travel.


This little gem is Sumaya, just four months old. She is the only child of her parents and is urgent need of surgery. She has spent most of her life at the hospital in serious condition. We are thrilled that she is now healthy enough to travel and currently is home with her parents as we prepare. Please consider sponsoring Sumaya’s surgery and giving her family hope of a healed heart!


Elisha is a ray of sunshine! His family is full of hope as we prepare for travels to India for repair of his heart. Choose life with us for this family, sweet Elisha is longing to run and play with all his friends… be a part of his story!


Isaac is a bundle of energy, ready for a repaired heart so he can go, go, go! Join us as we prepare to send him to India. He is such a precious part of his family, join with them by giving hope and life through supporting his travel and a repaired heart!art!


We met Rosemary through a sister organization, Let’s Dance, and this has been a beautiful partnership!  Rosemary has returned from India after having heart surgery and she is doing SO well!

Raphael came to us through our partnership with Samaritan’s Purse. He traveled with his mama to India and had successful surgery to repair his heart defect. He was so excited when he returned from India to find his dad and siblings waiting for him. Raphael is healing well and enjoying himself and his family.

Shadiah traveled to India seeking treatment for what we knew was a very complicated heart defect. After her initial testing it was determined that the best course of action was medical management and not surgery….but that was not God’s plan. Her case was reviewed by the surgeon who founded Narayana Health and he accepted her to be seen by the surgical team he leads. This team operates on only the most severe cases and demand for them is very high. After some waiting for an opening in their surgical schedule Shadiah was operated on successfully and after more than 3 months in India she returned to Uganda fully repaired. Shadiah is now back in school flashing her million dollar smile and making her classmates laugh.

Mama Johnson came to our office feeling completely helpless and our initial meeting did very little to change her outlook. It was explained that it would take some time to raise full support for Johnson to travel and time was something they didn’t have. God then started to work on Johnson’s behalf as he raised up a donor to fully support Johnson’s travel and surgery. But just before Johnson was to travel to India he fell sick and was admitted to the hospital in Kampala only to see his health deteriorate to the point of being on a ventilator with no brain activity. God wasn’t done with him though. Just when the whole situation seemed hopeless Johnson started to improve and 4 weeks after being on a ventilator he was flying to India for surgery. Upon arriving at the hospital in India he had an episode that found him again in the ICU. Once stabilized he went through initial testing and the surgical team concluded they would operate but Johnson would have about a 25% chance of survival. Through much prayer and discussion mama Johnson decided to have him operated on. Not only was the operation successful he spent less than 24 hrs in ICU post operation and only 4 days in general ward recovery before being discharged……a complete miracle. Johnson is now back in Uganda and going through physiotherapy to help in his development.

Isma came to us through our partnership with Samaritan’s Purse. He was an active boy and the only thing that could/would slow him down was his heart defect. He traveled to India and had a successful surgery and is now back in Uganda with his family. With a fully repaired heart there is now nothing that can slow Isma down when playing with his friends.

Jalida came to us in a partnership with Samaritan’s Purse. She had spent so much time on their list hoping for placement with the hospitals in North America. She was denied. When we met her she was so quiet and serious, yet, there was a glimmer of hope in her eyes because India said yes! Jalida’s heart was fully repaired, she came back running, smiling and laughing! She had never felt so good!

Imran’s dad came looking for hope. Imran was born with a very large hole in his heart. He was so small, so thin, but had bright eyes and a joyful heart! Imran and his mother traveled to India for surgery. As has happened with patients before him, testing revealed other health concerns and need for kidney surgery some time down the road. Thankfully, the impossible became possible and heart surgery was done and very successful. Imran is gaining strength and able to do things he couldn’t do before. We recently found out that Imran desperately needs a kidney surgery. We are committed to providing for whatever he may need.

Ashavin is Mr. Talkative. While he was in the ward in India waiting for surgery, rumor has it that he entertained all the other kids and their caregivers by talking and singing all day long.  Ashavin is our first baby to have this type of defect repaired, such joy!!

When we met Jona he was so small, so fussy, so blue, but he was a fighter. His heart defect was complicated, yet he was accepted to India for surgery. Arriving in India his testing showed there was another problem and we weren’t sure if surgery would be an option. But God moved mountains and surgery took place, and his heart was fully repaired! His dad and siblings waited at home for over a month while mom and baby were away. Waiting. Praying. Hoping. Restless for their little one to return healed and healthy. Finally, they were reunited. Home together, as a family.

Baby Lydia is a referral from Uganda Heart Institute with Down Syndrome and a congenital heart defect. Her mother shared that she was under a lot of pressure to “give her up” because of the burden she would be on their family. Her mamma committed her to the Lord waiting and praying. God increased their faith and they saw His power and glory as Lydia traveled to India for surgery. Her heart was repaired, she is thriving and growing stronger each day. Hope renewed! Family preserved!!

This little fella, Devine, is the youngest in his family and has the personality too, don’t be fooled by this serious look, he’s quite the ham!! He has a serious CHD but he had a successful surgery in India and is back home.

Joseph was part of Samaritan’s Purse heart project, while waiting to be accepted in North America he aged out of their program. Together with Samaritan’s Purse we were able to send Joseph to India for surgery! Joseph had the most amazing transformation. Meeting him for the first time he was a quiet, shy, and fighting for life. Returning from India he was full of life, as if he grew and matured to his full 18 years during that six weeks in India! God is the Restorer!

Godfrey is a lively 6 year old with a congenital heart defect. He came to us through a children’s program in western Uganda. He loves to play and his dad shared that Godfrey wanted his heart fixed so he can run and play football with his friends without having to sit out after just a few minutes to rest. He is so full of life and was accepted to India for treatment. We are so thrilled to share that Godfrey went to India and his defect was completely corrected! He is now recovering well.

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